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Welcome to Michley Electronics, Inc....

Where since 1991 we have manufactured time-saving, labor-reducing and pocketbook pleasing appliances especially designed for American households. Sewing Machines, Vacuum Food Sealers, Blenders, Digital Converter Boxes, Portable Televisions and Portable DVDs, whether you have seen them under our own Michley brand or under the famous names of marketers contracting our manufacturing services, you can find them among the aisles of the largest American retailers.

Internationally headquartered in Guangzhou, China, more familiar to the western world as Canton, our products are manufactured in an ultra modern 200,000 square foot facility owned by our very own family. In addition to over 1000 employees, we incorporate high volume production capabilities, and naturally have the ability to design and produce molds for plastic fabrication according to our own or clients¡¯ specifications.

In real terms 200,000 square feet and 1000 employees translates into some 250,000 personal appliances each month going to markets in Europe, South America, Australia, Asia and of course here in North America.

Michley Electronics, located right in the midst of California¡¯s Silicon Valley, is here to ensure American consumers receive the best for less, whether it is our own Michley brand or one of those famous makers who revel in the use of our international manufacturing capabilities.

Looking forward to serving your needs, and making your life just a little easier.

Michley Electronics, Inc.
530 Showers Dr. STE 7-204
Mountain View, CA 94040
888 338-4829

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