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Did you know every TV station in the USA has 2 transmitters? One is for Analog TV. The other is for Digital TV. The quality of the digital image is much better. Unfortunately, unless you have a Digital TV Tuner, like a Tivax box, your analog TV cannot receive the amazing world of Digital Television.

What is Analog Television?

Until recently, virtually all TVs in the USA were designed for Analog Television. Analog TV signals were designed in the 1940s, long before computer technology existed. Analog TV is based on an old standard called NTSC. Compared to Digital TV signals, the Analog picture is fuzzy and very inferior to Digital TV. This is why the US Government decided to turn off Analog TV signals in 2009.

Analog TVs cannot receive Digital TV signals. There are only 3 ways to see digital TV signals on your Analog TV:
A: You must have a Digital TV set. Your Analog TV cannot receive the amazing world of digital television
B: You must have a Digital TV tuner. Tivax is a Digital TV tuner.
C: You must pay for cable or satellite (remember, cable and satellite will not show you many of the FREE signals you can receive with your Tivax).

What is Digital Television?

This is the new broadcasting standard. Digital TV signals are based on a new standard called ATSC. In early 2009, all Analog TV signals will be turned off. This is Federal Law. Under the new Federal Law, cable and satellite may not be required to provide you access to all the FREE digital signals. Eventually, you will get some of these signals, but no one knows for sure when this will happen. It could be many more years before cable or satellite decide to give you access to all FREE Digital TV signals.

Digital Television is very exciting and offers too many features to be listed here. However, your Tivax Set Top Digital Receiver gives you the ability to enjoy most of these advantages on your Analog TV set!

- High Definition Television
The High Definition Digital TV is similar to a computer data signal. It is also called HDTV. In other words, it is very sophisticated and can do many more things. The broadcast station can do more interesting things with a Digital TV signal, such as broadcast High Definition television. This is a very superior picture.

Your Tivax will easily decode the HDTV signal. You will be able to watch HDTV on your Analog TV. While you will NOT see the picture in its true High Definition format (only expensive High Definition TV sets can do this), you will be very surprised with the excellent picture quality.
The Digital TV signal is very powerful. A broadcaster can do many things with the Digital Television signal. Sometimes, when they want to show you a very high quality picture, they will transmit the program in High Definition. When this happens, you will only get ONE Digital Television signal at that moment in time. A good example when this happens if during Prime Time (8 pm to 11 pm). Football and baseball games are commonly transmitted in High Definition.
- Multicast TV Signals

The Digital TV signal is very powerful. A broadcaster can also choose to show you more than one TV signal on the same frequency. (Analog TV cannot do this!) A broadcaster can provide FOUR or more excellent quality signals AT THE SAME TIME! This is called ”°multicasting”±. Tivax can decode this signal for you! A good example is during Day Time. Imagine signal #1 is dedicated to a soap opera, signal #2 is dedicated to a documentary, signal #3 is dedicated to a talk show and signal #4 is dedicated to a medical program. Only Digital TV can do this and Tivax can decode this for you!

- Standard Definition Television
This refers to a TV picture that is NOT High Definition. When the broadcaster wants to show you more than one signal, they refer to this as Standard Definition (as opposed to HDTV). Standard Definition TV is also called SDTV.

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