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What you need to know:

1. Your TV set may need a digital receiver like the Tivax to receive FREE All-digital on air channels. Tivax digital TV receiver box qualifies for the $40 US government coupon incentive program. You could receive up to $80 Us government coupons per household!

2. In addition, the US government could reimburse you 2 $40 coupons PER household for buying qualified converter like the Tivax. Coupons are on a First-Come First-Serve basis.

Did you know that you might not need to pay for the basic cable any more by using the digital converter? Did you know that you might be getting even more channels than basic cable for FREE? In addition, did you know that you could get digital quality TV (like the DVD quality picture) even on your old TV?

What you need to know:

1. Cable and satellite providers are not required to give you all FREE Digital TV signals. Why should they? You might be very pleased with better quality FREE Digital Television. That¡¯s the ¡°secret¡± many people do not know. Tivax gives you immediate access to FREE Digital Television signals ¨C at no extra cost!?

2. The Digital TV signal is very powerful. A lot more TV programs could be shown on the same frequency. (Analog TV cannot do this!) A broadcaster can provide FOUR or more excellent quality signals AT THE SAME TIME! This is called ¡°multicasting¡±. Tivax can decode this signal for you! A good example is during Day Time. Imagine signal #1 is dedicated to a soap opera, signal #2 is dedicated to a documentary, signal #3 is dedicated to a talk show and signal #4 is dedicated to a medical program. Only Digital TV can do this and Tivax can decode this for you!

Why wait? Get a Tivax now!

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